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Easy, simple & fun

Sporting a beautiful design, NewGenBook is easy on your eyes and easy to use. Stay up to date with your friends and family on a prettier Facebook.

Everything works

Since NewGenBook is a layer of customization on top of Facebook, everything you would expect from Facebook is still there!

Customize it

NewGenBook is customizable! You have the ability to fine tune NewGenBook's fonts and colors to give it your own distinctive feel.

#1 social network

Facebook is the world's largest social network, and NewGenBook works on top of it. We've developed and polished NewGenBook to be like nothing out there.

24 hour support

We're happy to answer your questions or issues, and we're always ready to hear your bug reports! Just send us an email or message us on Facebook or Twitter.

Bigger & better

We're working around the clock to keep you guys happy! We aim to keep updating NewGenBook until it's perfect. Stay tuned and keep connected with NewGenBook!

Check out the iPhone app: Clique!


Like, comment & share with a single tap on a post. Write a status, tag friends, post photos and share your location on Facebook with Clique's simple compose window.


Swipe to the right to comment on a post. Swipe to the left to see the whole post with its comments. Experience Clique for iPhone!

Coming soon. Learn more here: